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Frequently Asked Questions

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My skin is too sensitive, can I really get a facial?

Yes! Many people do have skin sensitivities, but facials, (especially using Eminence products) can and do actually help sensitive skins. There are numerous products that are a soothing answer to red, splotchy, dry, itchy and flaky skin and even Rosacea. If your skin fits this description, try the Biodynamic (or Calm Skin Arnica) facial from Eminence: A certified biodynamic treatment suitable for sensitive skin, this treatment will revitalize and rejuvenate all skin types with the active properties of radish seed, yellow sweet clover and apricot.
Skin is refreshed and balanced while remaining free of parabens and harsh chemicals. The Custom Pearlescent Facial is great for sensitive skins too!

Who should receive a facial?

Anyone and everyone! Women, men, young and old all can receive facials! All skin types, including dry, oily, sensitive or normal skins will all benefit from facial treatments. Benefits from receiving a facial include: deep cleanses, exfoliation (removing dead skin cells, build-up of dirt, oil or make up residue), increases circulation and detoxifies, relaxes the senses, nerves and muscles, stimulates the skin functions and metabolisms, slows down premature aging, corrects or alleviates conditions such as dryness, oiliness, or redness, softens wrinkles and aging lines, and helps clear up blemishes and acne.
Your skin care therapist will review medical history and your individual skin care goals and customize the right treatment for you!
Note: Your dermatologist may request that you avoid facial treatments like aggressive exfoliants, if you are prescribed specific topical treatments, such as Retin A or other vitamin E topicals. In this case we would avoid facial waxing, enzyme peels and all abrasive exfoliants, and would concentrate on repairing the skin with soothing & replenishing masques. If you have a contagious disease, a diagnosed skin disorder, a medical condition or skin irritation, you may decide to avoid receiving a facial treatment. If you have questions, please ask your skin care therapist or dermatologist.

How often can I get a facial?

Pearlescent Skin Care recommends monthly facials for almost everyone. In addition, some skin treatment plans may require more frequent facials (when receiving a peel series or treating acne, you may want to schedule facials every 2 weeks for a period of time, for example ).
If you think you have a special condition (acne, resurfacing of rough texture, anti-aging treatments), your esthetician can advise you on an appropriate time span. If your schedule or budget does not permit for monthly facials, then as often as you can! Every few months or when the seasons change is appropriate as well.

What is a peel and how often should I get one?

A peel is a heavy/deeper exfoliation treatment that is based in either chemicals or natural enzymes. To achieve optimal results, a series is recommended, which consists of 4 to 6 peels in a row that are performed anywhere between 14 to 30 days apart.
Peels should only be performed when sun exposure is limited and when no topical medications are being used (such as retinols or Accutane).
Peels are important because they support cellular renewal, which can help control acne, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pigmentation and sun damage, and revitalize the skin for a more healthy and even tone and texture.

I have a very serious wrinkle/pimple/age or sun/brown spot. Will organic skin care work for me?

Absolutely! Natural skin care can be as calming or stimulating as needed, depending on the desired effects. Specific products will be selected based on their ingredients. Some calming ingredients include stone crop plant, calendula flower, and aloe vera. Some stimulating or more aggressive ingredients include paprika pepper, nettle, and cinnamon, just to name a few. Real results can definitely be achieved, especially with consistent use and routine facials.

What should I expect when I come to Pearlescent Skin Care for my facial?

For your first visit, please try to arrive for your appointment 10 minutes early to fill out a short questionnaire about your skin and your health. Your skin care therapist will then greet you and invite you into the treatment room. You will privately undress to your comfort level- either wearing a spa gown, or undress from the waist up, and then lay down on the massage table, under a sheet and blanket.
Your treatment will then begin starting with a deep cleanse, a skin analysis, and then the remainder of your custom facial: exfoliation, extractions (if needed), masques, massage and moisturizer. Afterwards, you will be given some home care recommendations based on your special concerns. You will leave with an understanding of what your skin needs and how to continue working on your skin care goals at home.

What are extractions? Can I skip them if I want to?

Performing extractions is the process of manually removing impurities and comedones (a closed compacted pore) to help unblock clogged pores. Cleaning out the debris that expands the pores allows the pore to contract to their normal size, resulting in more refined skin. You are free to opt out of receiving extractions if you desire.

Why does Pearlescent Skin Care use Eminence products?

I use Eminence because I know what’s in the products. The ingredients are clear and easy to understand. There are no fillers (i.e.: additives, chemicals, or water) included. Instead, the products are concentrated which allows the user to really stretch it and not have to buy more as often.
The natural ingredients in Eminence products have long been proven to improve our body’s health and skin. Many synthetic companies try to “copy” the effects of these natural ingredients. I believe that going to the original source, the rich and pure plant extracts, gives us real and more lasting results when we introduce them to our skin.
I enjoy the natural scents that aren’t manufactured fragrances and I especially love the way my skin feels clean, soft, supple and nurtured after using my home care regimen. My skin has truly not felt the same with any other line. Note: If you have severe food allergies, it is always recommended that you fully read all product labels and only use the products advised by your Esthetician.

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